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Cylance Cybot

By Adrian on September 27, 2020

Recently I attended a webinar in which the presenter from Blackberry Cylance was talking about this tool that they created called Cybot. This tool is a chatbot designed for SOCs to hopefully speed up triagae its offerings. Turns out Cybot is a pretty nifty tool and has integrations to various chat platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Installation Steps There are a number of prereqs required to stand up this app.

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Using TheHive4 webooks to create Microsoft Teams cards via Nodered

By Adrian on September 4, 2020

One of the most powerful features of TheHive has to be the outgoing webhooks. You make any modification to any case, task, observable etc and if configured, the outgoing webhooks will do with it what you will. I’ve written a few blog posts about TheHive webhooks, and my platform of choice has been Nodered for this. With a highly extendable and easy to use graphical drag and drop interface, it makes it easier to visualise your workflows.

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Upgrading Cortex 3.0.1/ES5.6 to Cortex 3.1.0RC1/ES7.8

By Adrian on August 28, 2020

In my last post, I covered how I went about upgrading TheHive from 3.4 to 3.5RC1 along with a double upgrade of Elasticsearch. Well now its Cortex’s time. Cortex 3.1.0 also uses Elasticsearch 7.8 so we are in for a similar upgrade process. Depending on your reliance on Cortex it may be a nice addition to TheHive that is rarely used, or it may be critical to your operation. Either way, getting to the latest version is desirable as there are always welcome bug fixes and improvements with error handling, reporting and general integration.

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Upgrading TheHive 3.4.0-1/ES5.6 to TheHive 3.5.0-RC1/ES7.8

By Adrian on August 22, 2020

TheHive 3.5.0 RC1 has now been released and my environment is in a bit of a shambles for this upgrade. You see when I performed my upgrade of TheHive 3.2.1 to 3.4.0 I elected to not upgrade to ElasticSearch 6.8 at the time as I wanted to do some more testing on it. I told myself, TheHive 3.4 was working just fine using Elasticsearch 5.6, so I never went ahead with the Elastic part of the upgrade.

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