is born

By Adrian | October 9, 2018

Finally. A domain attached to the blog. Thinking of a domain name is one thing, but ensuring its available is a whole other beast. As a technical person, sometimes creativity eludes me and with such a generic surname finding a name was a bit of a challenge.

To register a new domain was quite simple using the Route 53 console within AWS. The cost was USD $23 for a 1 year subscription and the wizard is quite easy to follow.

  1. Pick a domain name and ensure its available and add it to the cart
  2. Add the contact details
  3. Verify and Purchase

My linked aws credit card was billed instantly. Also don’t forget to enable domain privacy.

To link the domain to blog was also quite a simple process. First, access the Route 53 console. Navigate to “Hosted Zone” down the left and select the domain name.

Select “Create a record set” at the top of the screen

Enter in the record name. Keep the Type as “A – IPv4” and enter in the static IP address of the site in the value.

Once it was saved it didnt take long at all before I could access the blog via

Now I still need to associate a SSL certificate, which will be the next thing to do.