Training for a Big Week Ahead

By Adrian | November 6, 2018

So in about a months time, I have an epic week of hiking taking in the Alpine regions in both Victoria and NSW, so I am starting to “train” knowing that there will be a few big days ahead.

That being said, I recently completed Mt Juliet which was a good incline primer, but I know one of the days we have planned is a 30km behemoth so I need to get some distance in the legs now. Going from the relatively short walks I had been doing to a 20km walk probably wasn’t the best idea as a warm up, even if this was a walk I have done a few times comfortably in the past, but now im going to regret it for the next few days. I probably should have pulled out at the Seville Carriage Cafe and got the bus home from there.

The walk I decided to tackle was a chunk of the Warburton Trail. This is a 40km track that stretches from Lilydale through to Warburton. I am lucky in that I can join onto this track with a short walk from my house. I walked through to Woori Yallock which is roughly the 12 way point of the trail in around three and a half hours. The terrain is mostly flat with a slight incline heading up to Mt Evelyn and a sharper decline going towards Wandin. More information about the trail can be by visiting

The one drawback is the bus schedule. The return bus home is hourly, and you guessed it, I missed it by a few minutes. I should probably save the bus schedule to my phone so I can adjust the walk on the fly. But it was OK – the extra break was welcome.

This is a preparation walk I am hoping to do twice more before the trip.