Too Much Time Has Passed

By Adrian | September 6, 2019

OK - so way too much time has passed since ive updated this blog. Way too much time. I guess its easy to become so bogged down with home life, study and work and ive had a bit on my plate of recent.

In all this time that has passed sadly I feel like I don’t have much to show for it. On the work front, I’m nearly 6 months into a job i’m really loving, working with great people, awesome tech and a heaps to learn. I’ve started a subscription with Pentestacademy on the study side which should hopefully give me some more stuff to write about. I’ve got a steady stream of podcasts I listen too on my trips to the city, so i’m kept pretty busy on the professional front.

As far as some of the other topics ive blogged about, not much real stuff happening on the AWS side. Bills have been less than $1, except when my domain renewal happened and my “aws credit card” got declined. You know the one… the load and go credit card for low value online transactions, so if i’m slugged for an out of the ordinary high bill then the most they are getting is about $5. It’s a great fail safe!

Ive dabbled with Docker, Authelia, MFA, Guacamole, Vouch-Proxy, Fail2Ban, Firebase and had some mixed results, not particularly impressed with myself here. Hoping that I can get some more write ups happening.

Pokemon has been interesting, starting to collect some good data and have even dabbled into the wallet destroying PSA graded card stuff. I do plan on keeping more sealed products next.

On a personal note, I’ve not been able to get out hiking much this entire year, and I can feel my body is suffering because of it. One of my kids sustained a very serious injury at school which hasn’t been pleasant for anyone and thankfully he is on the mend now. With winter now over, hopefully some good weather on the way and I can get stuck back into the scenery.

Hoping that I can break this glut and get productive again!