Podcast Roster

By Adrian | October 21, 2019

I’ve been listening to some podcasts of late…. 1200 hours in fact. 50 days worth of pods back to back. Well thats probably been over the course of a few years but you get the drift. I’ll listen to them on my travels to and from work, sometimes when im out walking and other times when I’m having a relax on the couch. My lineup is so full that I listen at chipmunk speed (1.4x or faster) so I can learn what the next podcast is going to teach me. Thought i’d share my current podcast roster. Over time I’ve had to drop some because I either found the hosts were bugging me, became irelevant or they met their ultimate conclusion and ended. The logos are links to the respective websites if you want to know more. Ive broken them down into their main categories, but some of these could span multiple and theres no surprise that my roster is heavy on the information security side.

Information Security

Brakeing Down Security

  • Running time: on average between 45m - 1h
  • Schedule: weekly
brakeing-down-security This show covers security, privacy, compliance and regulatory issues in enterprise environments. Lots of interviews with people at various security conferences. The questions that the hosts bring are questions you as the listener would be asking so your not left wondering. Speading the word about mental health in the industry. Hosted by Bryan Brake, Brian Boettcher and Amanda Berlin.

Pauls Security Weekly

  • Running time: between 30m - 3h
  • Schedule: daily
pauls-security-weekly This podcast is really multiple podcasts in one. Each week Paul and his team cover a multitude of topics in the Application, Enterprise and Business spaces. There is a news podcast my favorite one which is the longer form one where the discussions are frank and drinks keep coming. Can get really interesting by the end. Hosted by Paul Asadoorian, Larry Pesce, Carlos Perez, Jack Daniel, Jeff Man, Joff Thyer, Lee Neely, Matt Alderman, John Strand, Jason Albuquerque, Doug White, Jason Wood, Mike Shema, Johhn Kinsella, and Tyler Robinson. (I hope I didnt leave anyone out!). Each host has a distinguished career in infosec and brings expert knowledge.

Defensive Security Podcast

  • Running time: 30m - 1h
  • Schedule: fortnightly
defensive-sec Hosted by Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat the introduction will hit you like a tonne of bricks in a heavy way. Due to a emergency situation Andrew was in (get well!), the show had a brief break and is now becoming more regular again. Seeks to find lessons from security news how you can learn and apply them to your organisation.

Risky Biz

  • Running time: 30m - 1h
  • Schedule: weekly
riskybiz This show is split into a the news and current affairs with Adam Boileau and then an in depth interview. Patrick Gray has been doing this podcast since 2007 and brings his jouranistic skills to the content. Also has an edition of the show called ‘snake oilers’ where vendors pay to pitch their products. Well worth the listen.

SANS ISC Stormcast

  • Running time: 5m - 10m
  • Schedule: daily
sans-isc A daily podcast from SANS Incident Handler on duty Johannes B Ullrich that provides a breif summary of current network and security related events. Sometimes covers an ISC diary post about how a particualar attack works, or how some malware was reverse engineered.

Smashing Security

  • Running time: 30m - 1h
  • Schedule: Weekly
smashing-security Smashin without a ‘G’…. Twitter would’nt allow us to have a ‘G’. This podcast is from the other side of the pond and brings it’s dry sense of humor that only the British have. Covers infosec news and has a guest host to cover a story or two. Probably most well known for their “pick of the week” segment, showing the world that the security chaps have a life outside of security. Hosted by Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault.

The Cyberwire

  • Running time: 15m - 20m
  • Schedule: Daily
the-cyberwire Hosted by Dave Bittner and supported by a small army of reporters and producers, this is a witty and to the point podcast about the current days news and events with a short interview which is all done and dusted in about 20 mins.

Incident Response and Forensics

Digital Forensics Survival Podcast

  • Running time: 30m - 1h
  • Schedule: fortnightly
digital-forensic-survival A technical show discussing how to apply technical techniques and methodology in computer forensics. Contains tool reviews and covers the importance of these tools in a forensic way. Also has the SDF training series for hands on learning. Hosted by Michael.

This month in 4n6

  • Running time: 10m - 15m
  • Schedule: monthly
This-month-in-4n6 A roundup podcast of whats happening in the world of DFIR. Phill Moore provides a run down and opinion of interesting articles hes seen over the course of the month.


Jocko Podcast

Running time: between 2h - 5h
Schedule: weekly

jocko-podcast Recommended to me by a colleague, its broading my horizons. Jocko Willink is a retired navy SEAL and discuss discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and life. The show is directed by Echo Charles. Will have to say that hearing about the horrors of war can be pretty full on at times and will challenge you if you have not been in the armed forces. On the flip side the stories are pretty inspirational and the message about being on the path is clear. Given that Cyber is classified as the 5th domain, there are many parallels between the armed forces and information security and I’m enjoying this podcast even if I can’t finish an episode in one sitting.

Programming and DevOps

Arrested DevOps

  • Running time: 30m - 1h
  • Schedule: fortnightly
arrested-devops In my thirst for knowledge about how DevOps can be used in my everyday role, I turned to this podcast to learn more about DevOps and DevSecOps and how to build a culture of it within an organisation. It covers people, practices, tools that are used in devops setting. Hosted by Matty Stratton, Trevor Hess, Jessica Kerr and Bridget Kromhout. Some of these podcasts have been recorded at DevOpsDays events around the globe. I have still yet to get to an event.

DevOps Cafe

  • Running time: approx 1h
  • Schedule: monthly
devops-cafe This is a longer interview style podcast about all things DevOps. Discussions about the benefits that DevOps can bring to business and how DevOps can bring value. Hosted by John Willis and Damon Edwards.

PowerShell News

  • Running time: 20m - 1h
  • Schedule: monthly
powershell-news Covers recent and upcoming development with PowerShell. Has guest interviews and the hosts Mick Pletcher and Harjit Dhaliwal discuss how they are using PowerShell to automate tasks at their workplaces.

Rapsberry Pi

  • Running time: 5m - 10m
  • Schedule: adhoc
raspberry-pi This is a really short adhoc podcast about new/upcoming features and peripherals for everybody’s favorite low cost credit card sized computer. I have a few of these devices and have built up a few projects with them over time, so its always nice to know what others are doing as well.


AWS Podcast

  • Running time: between 10m - 40m
  • Schedule: weekly
aws-podcast This is a jam packed show where all things AWS are covered. Copious amounts of updates to the service offerings, serverless, price reductions, regional updates and technical deep dives about how customers can use AWS just to name a few. AWS certainly are very busy improving and adding services exponentially to their portfolio. Primarily hosted by Simon Elisha with guest speakers.


Darknet Diaries

Running time: between 30m - 1h Schedule: fortnightly

darknet-diaries Explores stories from the dark side of the internet. From privacy hacks, data breaches and general cyber crime stories. The host is an excellent story teller and turns technical jargon into something that anyone could understand. Stories are fact checked for accuracy. It’s only a recent edition for me, but ive gone back to episode 1. Hosted by Jack Rhysider.