VLC via Chromecast

By Adrian | October 25, 2019

Time poor. Always time poor. If theres any way I can achieve 2 things at the same time, then I’m going to take that option. Call it doing more with less if you will. Listening to a podcast or watching some training videos while exercising on a treadmill meets this need for me. There is only 1 problem with that, I have a monitor mounted on the wall above my treadmill and my computer is too far away to connect into it. With that monitor plugged into a Chromecast, I can now watch streaming media or listen to music from my phone. Still doesnt meet my need though. Netflix/Spotify are great, but its a non-productive use of my time while exercising.

With VLC’s Render function, I can now output my videos via Chromecast to my treadmill TV. It was super easy to do as well. Just open up VLC media player, select View -> Playlist, add in the videos you want, then select Playback -> Renderer -> Your Device. If you have multiple Chromecast’s you can send the output to any of these devices.


A simple solution where now I can get exercise and training at the same time.