Book Review: Operator Handbook Search. Copy. Paste. L33t ;)

Netmux’s Operator Handbook is 436 pages of infosec technology references with a seemingly never ending list of acknowledgements and contributors. I also love that there’s a section dedicated to Health & Wellness right at the start of the book. It’s a timely reminder that life will take everything that you give to it and more but our mental health needs to be looked after. The common signs and symptoms to look out for are put to paper, and more importantly details on how to get help and build a support system which is relevant for you, colleagues, friends, family and loved ones.

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Book Review: Defensive Security Handbook

Recently I purchased a few infosec books, one of them being the Defensive Security Handbook written by Lee Brotherston & Amanda Berlin. While this book was written back in April 2017, the information contained within is still very relevant today and will give the reader a sound footing when it comes to what you need to have as a secure baseline in your environment. There are 21 chapters that can be read from cover to cover, or each in isolation.

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