Api Gateway

reCaptcha With Lambda Part 1

“You need to add reCaptcha to your webforms” - Its advice I’ve given out to security teams each time I see a malicious link or some spam pusher in the resulting email. Its the poor user who cops the brunt of them, increasing the chance of a click, increasing that chance of compromise. Reading through formspam is just a waste of time for everyone. I recall an instance where an internal securiy team miscofigured a tool they were using, set it to run overnight and that mailbox ended up with 35k+ emails in it.

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Last Month in Aws

Last month in AWS saw me rack up a bill of US$0.86 and with the terrible US/AUD exchange rate I’m out of pocket a whole AUD$1.30. As im playing around with new technology and integrating various services that AWS provides, I touched a few services this month, and discovered I should probably decommission services I’m not actually using anymore. No surpise to me that I excceded the free tier limits for S3.

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