Building Detection Lab in Aws Part II

With the local lab built these are the instructions for getting the Detection Lab into the AWS. How to stand up DetectionLab in AWS - Part II Pre-requisites Part I - Local Install Terraform installation Export VM’s as OVA’s Shutdown each VM and open up the VirtualBox GUI. Select each VM and select “File, Export Appliance”. Select the VM to export Select the output file Enter in any additional product information.

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edX AWS Developer: Building on AWS

So in my AWS studies I came across a course from edX titled “AWS Developer: Building on AWS”. This is an awesome course that gives you hands on experience with multiple services in AWS. Its structured in such a way where each week will only take a few hours to complete and there are 6 weeks of courses. If I recall as long as you are not “overly testing” your solution (which would have to be significant) you are unlikely to go over the free tier on AWS.

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