Thehive5 Webhooks

When it comes to online applications some of the best functionality comes when you can programmatically tap into it as it creates countless opportunities to customise and extend the functionality to suit your needs without having to modify the underlying application. In the Context of TheHive, the API will allow you to query, post or search data which can aid in the lifecycle of an incident as well as create alerts and cases programmatically.

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Docker Config: Thehive5 with Cortex and n8n

I’ll start by saying, that I have done these sorts of posts in the past where I have stood up TheHive and reverse proxies etc using a docker-compose file so the basic configuration etc is going to be heavily borrowed except for some minor tweaks. I am still old school so this isnt a configuration you would want to run for mission critical services, however there is a guide for how to use Docker in Production.

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