Adding TheHive Case Data to Splunk

TheHive dashboards, while they are great at showing data counts and displaying then as graphs, there is one feature that was lacking in that it cant display a data table of what those cases are. So while you can build a dashboard to get a snapshot of where your team is at, you can’t see what cases and task that are in play. While there is an open issue to add this functionality, I thought i’d try something a little different with TheHive to fill that gap, and export the case and task data into a Splunk kvstore and build it out that way.

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Recently I’ve been working with python and smtplib to automate sending emails based off a template. The sending part of the emails worked flawlessly but I had issues where the emails were being delivered into the junk folder instead of the Inbox folder in Outlook. Now, if you’re going to a scripting emails to send out notifications, newsletters and general communications, losing your audience because the email gets trashed isnt ideal.

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