Documentation as Code

The older I get the more I have come to despise Microsoft Word for technical documentation. In my world, documentation requires constant updates and periodic review and revision and when things go bad in Word which invariably happens, it goes really bad. Throw in multiple editors and multiple revisions over time and you usually end up with something that starts to lose its formatting over time and when your heading structure and auto-numbering breaks, well then all bets are off and sometimes your better off to spend the time and rewrite it.

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Journaling Activity

Keeping a work journal is something I’ve been thinking about for years but never got around to finding the right solution. Having the ability to go back to any given day to see what I got up too is incredibly powerful as generally my day to day line of work is so busy that theres a good chance I’m not going to remember the things I did last week, let alone last month or last year.

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