Last Month in AWS

By Adrian | March 1, 2019

Last month in AWS saw me rack up a bill of US$3.52 and while I expected this to be lower compared to last month, it turns out I got a little trigger happy with EC2 and S3. This was primarily due to the Detection Lab infrastructure that I was playing with. EBS stored volumes caused by AMI’s will cause your bill to shoot up quite quickly.


I was also still performing some other lab based stuff and introduced SES into my permanent list of services ill be using.

The following were the services I actually had to pay for outside of the Free Tier.

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

This was by far the biggest cost this month with EC2 EBS snapshots being the main contributor here. Ive since removed the AMI’s that were the source of these snapshots as ive decided that I would run the detection lab locally on my machine and only rely on the cloud instance if required. Spot instances are the way to go if you can deal with being shut down in short notice.

Description Cost
39.345 GB-Mo of Snapshot data $1.97
11 hours of t2.small EC2 usage $0.25
2.9 hours of t3.medium spot usage $0.06
0.783 hours of t.3 medium on demand usage $0.03
Total Cost $2.31

Route 53

Route53 was my second highest cost for the month again. The cost really is negligible, and I cant really see the query cost exceeding $0.05/month any time soon.

Description Cost
1 Hosted Zone $0.50
82k Queries $0.03
Total Cost $0.53

Simple Storage Services (S3)

Given that im currently storing around 30Gb of data in S3, and im running a static website on S3, im expecting more costs to be had in this area.

Description Cost
approx 11GB-Mo Stored $0.18
approx 15K PUT,COPY,POST,LIST requests $0.08
approx 5K GET requests $0.00
Total Cost $0.26


This is an area that I wasnt expecting a cost in. The cost relates to “standard resolution”. My understanding is this is 5 min interval monitoring which could relate to the EC2 instances I had.

Description Cost
0.869 Alarms $0.09
Total Cost $0.09

GRAND TOTAL: $3.52 Which with the poor conversion works out to be AUD$5.01. For March, I think things will settle down. Ive had my focus taken away from AWS which will limit the things I do there for the time being.