TheHive Webhooks with NodeRED

In my last post I wrote about Installing and Securing NodeRED. The reason behind this was twofold. First, NodeRED is pretty cool and I want to be able to do some more ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) operations for personal projects I want to start on and secondly, I’ve been looking into TheHive webhooks functionality and needed some way to drive it in a way that didn’t require hundreds of lines of bespoke python code.

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Node-RED Secure Installation

Node-RED has traditionally been used for tapping into hardware devices and API endpoints to construct workflows in a drag and drop interface. It is quite extensible given you can add your own code and data manipulations. I’ve seen Node-RED used to connect into power metering hardware which cleans up the data feed, customises the output to multiple destinations (in this case Splunk and an output file). A quick YouTube search shows there are many possible home automations with Node-RED.

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