Summit Track

Hiking Trip 2018 Day 6 – 11 Peaks Walk

Sleep – its totally overrated, especially when you are the one not getting any sleep to begin with. The overnight weather was perfect. About 10 degrees, not cold at all, but I had made a critical mistake yesterday, one that I didn’t realise in time and that was not applying sun-cream. I was burnt. My legs, arm and face all copped a lot of exposure on the range. Trying to get comfortable wasn’t happening, I’d roll on my side and my burnt legs stuck, on my back and my arms were sticking on the tent floor.

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Hiking Trip 2018 Day 5 – 11 Peaks Walk

This was the start of the main event. We had well intentioned plans at the start to take on the 11 peaks walk at Mt Kosciuszko National Park. Michael and I had many discussions about just about every aspect of this walk up to this point. From the extra weight in our packs, camping at Mullers Pass, daytime weather, night weather, short term forecasts, amount of time available, the amount of snow out on the range, the amount of walking we had already covered up to this point, the way we were feeling at this point etc.

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