Wols Track

So in an effort to keep on training for the big week I decided to tackle the Wols track located in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. I really do like this NP as it about 4km away from my place, its located in bushland, has a lot of variety and distances as far as I would ever want to do in a day. More on that another time. First walk 50m of vertical up this hill……

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Training for a Big Week Ahead

So in about a months time, I have an epic week of hiking taking in the Alpine regions in both Victoria and NSW, so I am starting to “train” knowing that there will be a few big days ahead. That being said, I recently completed Mt Juliet which was a good incline primer, but I know one of the days we have planned is a 30km behemoth so I need to get some distance in the legs now.

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