I’ve been fortunate in that my workplace has sponsored me to take the SANS SEC504 - Hacker Tools, Techniques and Incident Handling as a 4 month on-demand course. This is the second SANS course that I have been fortunate enough to attend. The first one was the SEC511 - Continous Security Monitoring back in 2016, which was done on-site over 6 days. I have to say that with the amount of content thats jammed into these courses, I found that on-site was a struggle for me.

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Defense in depth, it’s a good thing. But how much is too much? While you could argue that you can never have enough security, the answer to that question really is, how big is your wallet? You want the best of breed everything, then its going to cost you….. dearly, while it would be amazing if that level of cash could be splashed, its not always the case and its not always the best solution for your organisation.

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Wols Track

So in an effort to keep on training for the big week I decided to tackle the Wols track located in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. I really do like this NP as it about 4km away from my place, its located in bushland, has a lot of variety and distances as far as I would ever want to do in a day. More on that another time. First walk 50m of vertical up this hill……

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Training for a Big Week Ahead

So in about a months time, I have an epic week of hiking taking in the Alpine regions in both Victoria and NSW, so I am starting to “train” knowing that there will be a few big days ahead. That being said, I recently completed Mt Juliet which was a good incline primer, but I know one of the days we have planned is a 30km behemoth so I need to get some distance in the legs now.

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