edX AWS Developer: Building on AWS

So in my AWS studies I came across a course from edX titled “AWS Developer: Building on AWS”. This is an awesome course that gives you hands on experience with multiple services in AWS. Its structured in such a way where each week will only take a few hours to complete and there are 6 weeks of courses. If I recall as long as you are not “overly testing” your solution (which would have to be significant) you are unlikely to go over the free tier on AWS.

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Adding SSL to S3 Static Website via Cloudfront

So now that i’ve moved the blog over to a serverless architecture I thought I’d take the time to post how I went about enabling SSL and where to from here. Simple Storage Services (S3) Getting a static website up via S3 is super easy. Open up the S3 console -> select your bucket -> go to Properties -> Static Website Hosting. Select Use this bucket to host a website.

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Goodbye Wordpress, Hello Hugo

Its been a while since I posted a blog. I have just been really busy with what seems like a never ending stream of things that need to be done. Over the last month or so, I have been getting into AWS a lot for both work and personal use. I was fortunate enough to get a subscription to A Cloud Guru and I have hit that content hard. Very hard!

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Finally. A domain attached to the blog. Thinking of a domain name is one thing, but ensuring its available is a whole other beast. As a technical person, sometimes creativity eludes me and with such a generic surname finding a name was a bit of a challenge. To register a new domain was quite simple using the Route 53 console within AWS. The cost was USD $23 for a 1 year subscription and the wizard is quite easy to follow.

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Setting Up a Wordpress Blog Using AWS LightSail

I am going through a learning curve with AWS, so what better way to get into it than by standing up a new blog using Lightsail. The setup was very straightforward. Login to the AWS console and select Lightsail. Select “Create instance” The AWS Lightsail console Specify the instance location, platform and blueprint to use Follow the bouncing ball through the wizard Select the instance plan and give it a meaningful name.

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