Part III: Pokemon Value Over the Long Term

By Adrian | November 20, 2018

This is going to be a long series of posts over time. Links for quick reference can be found here:
November 2018: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV
December 2018: Part V
January 2019: Part VI
February 2019: Part VII
September 2019: Part VIII
October 2019: Part IX

8 Celestial Storm packets opened now, another bunch of nothing cards.

The current card counts by rarity are as follows:

  • 33 Common
  • 24 Uncommon
  • 9 Rare
  • 1 Ultra Rare
  • 1 Secret-Rare


Total Value as of 19 November 2018 = USD$22.23 (AUD$30.47)

Cost of packets opened: AUD$3.83 * 8 = AUD$30.64 (+AUD$15.32)

TCGPlayer: Current cost per booster: USD$3.60 (AUD$4.94)

TCGPlayer: Current cost per box: USD$91.60 (AUD$125.57)