Part VII Pokemon Value Over the Long Term

By Adrian | February 24, 2019

This is going to be a long series of posts over time. Links for quick reference can be found here:
November 2018: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV
December 2018: Part V
January 2019: Part VI
February 2019: Part VII
September 2019: Part VIII
October 2019: Part IX

This month saw the opened Celestial Storm booster box peak at US$72.38 (AUD$101.54) but then settle down to a value of USD$71.74 (AU$100.64). Prices fairly steady but falling which I guess is in line with the set not being as new anymore. I would anticipate that after the Sun and Moon set has completed its course, that the value of this set may go up.


TCGPlayer: Current cost per booster: USD$3.28 (AUD$4.60)

TCGPlayer: Current cost per box: USD$83.62 (AUD$117.31)