Part VI: Pokemon Value Over the Long Term

By Adrian | January 24, 2019

This is going to be a long series of posts over time. Links for quick reference can be found here:
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December 2018: Part V
January 2019: Part VI
February 2019: Part VII
September 2019: Part VIII
October 2019: Part IX

In my absence of not blogging, I’ve still kept this little side analysis going, and the full box has now been opened and the result was just as I was expecting. Disappointing.

With no real lucky big shot cards in this booster box, we hit a total value of USD$71.65 for the 360 cards as of the 23 Jan 2019.

At the current exchange rate this works out to be AUD$100.41 which is shy of the AUD$137.95 I paid for the box initially.

The final card counts by rarity are as follows:

  • 190 Common
  • 124 Uncommon
  • 40 Rare
  • 1 Secret-Rare
  • 5 Ultra-Rare


Total Value as of 23 January 2019 = USD$71.65 (AUD$100.41)

Cost of packets opened: AUD$137.95

TCGPlayer: Current cost per booster: USD$3.39 (AUD$4.75)

TCGPlayer: Current cost per box: USD$86.19 (AUD$120.79)

Now as far as individual cards go, these are the top 25 cards I got according to market value (tcgplayer). There are a few duplicates of the uncommon cards, and its interesting to note that some of the trainer cards have pretty good value (for now).

As far as the common junk goes…. lots of duplicates here and Sneasel wins the prize of most common.

Now this experiment isn’t over just yet. Time will tell what performs better, opened packs Vs sealed product. My money is on sealed product. But ill keep revisiting this now on a monthly basis.