Hiking Trip 2018 Day 3 – Bungalow Spur, Razorback, Bon Accord Spur

By Adrian | December 15, 2018

Well today was the big one one. With a bung foot I made the call to not do this long hike in the hope that I still had a chance to complete some of the other walks we had planned later in the week.

I dropped my friend Michael off at the trail head nice and early so that he could try to get ahead of the heat and I spent the day soaking my feet in hot baths of Epsom salts, icing my foot and munching on anti-inflammatories. I also managed to get a load of washing on and was checking in with my Michael periodically throughout the day, to see how he was coping.

In the early afternoon I started walking up the Bon Accord Spur to meet Michael and give him a bit of morale support. So on went the gaiters and I started walking for about 45 mins. I found a shady part of track where there was a flowing creek and waited.

gatorade im coming for you… phrasing

So today wasn’t all too bad. My foot pain was still there, but the pain seemed to be easing.

In hindsight, even if my foot was good, this day may have been too epic for me to attempt.

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