Hiking Trip 2018 Day 7 – Bimbiri Wilderness and Home

By Adrian | December 20, 2018

Despite the rather long week there were just a few more walks to tick off the list. The first being a short 3km return trip to the Rainbow Lake just outside of Perisher. It was a nice stroll through the snow gums. rainbow-lake The water had a shade of pink to it which cause by some type of water lily.

After that short stroll we drove into the Bimbiri wilderness to have a look at the Blue Waterpools and the Coolamine Homestead. This was a 25km dirt road which was 2WD accessible and was pretty tame compared to some of the other roads we had been on this time. That being said, it would be a different story if it had been raining.

As Michael was driving, I was on animal watch and there were plenty of brumbies out and about. There was one moment where there were 3 on the road and the “alpha” horse arcked up at us, lifted it tail and dropped a turd on the road before taking off. I could just imagine that horse thinking “I sure showed them”. After about 45 mins we got to the Coolamine Homestead and had a poke around at these well preserved buildings literally in the middle of nowhere. coolamine-homestead

One of the really interesting features was the wallpaper made from 1939 newspapers. Some quite interesting reading from a time well past.

A further few kms down the road and we got to the Blue Waterholes campground where you get a nice shot of a blue lake. blue-waterholes

After checking out the lake we took a stroll into the gorge and into one of the caves that was there. That was something different again. You could actually get in a fairly descent way before you ran out of headroom. cave

The final walk that we did here was to see a waterfall that involved 5 river crossings. Sadly my feet were cooked so I sat this out after the 2nd crossing.

This was another amazing place which you really could spend a day and night at. As we were fairly time constrained with a further 7 hours of driving ahead of us, we had to cut our time here short, but its definitely a place I would visit again.

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