Upgrading TheHive

By Adrian | October 1, 2019

This is part 9 where I begin to lifecycle manage TheHive/MISP/Cortex software stack. Previous posts in this series are here:

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Part VIII - Integrate MISP to TheHive
Part IX - Upgrading TheHive
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Part XI - Upgrading Cortex
Part XII - Wrapup of TheHive, MISP, Cortex

I’ve previously documented this upgrade when I was performing some testing for work. See Upgrading TheHive 3.2.1_1 to 3.4. While that particualr post covers the upgrade of an older version of TheHive (v3.2.1) to the current one, I refollowed these exact same steps to complete this upgrade and I can confirm that the steps upgrading from v3.3.0 to v3.4 are the same and that there were no variations that I had to make as a result.

In short the high level steps are

  • Backup!
  • Download and apply the new binaries
  • Apply the required changes to the application.conf file (critical!)
  • Perform post upgrade DB tasks
  • Test your integrations with Cortex/MISP

I’ve also decided against upgrading the Elasticsearch components to version 6.x as there are plans on moving away from Elasticsearch over to a GraphDB in the next major release. See the blog post about that over on thehive-project blog about that.